What is online asynchronous e-Coaching?

Online asynchronous e-Coaching is a cost effective scalable way for a single coach to provide personalized attention to hundreds of students without the need for scheduling times when both the student and coach are available. It’s a hybrid of the best attributes of e-Learning and live coaching.

A human coach provides 4 things.

A knowledge base:

Coaches have the information in their head which they try to transfer to the student. Once they've decided what to teach, they'll give essentially the same lecture to each student every time.


People thrive on personal connections, praise from authority, and a sense of interpersonal obligation. Creating a genuine relationship is a unique experience for each relationship.


Coaches understand what content is most relevant for each student's unique situation.


Coaches understand how each concept or skill fits into the larger project. They're able to answer students' questions in context of what they've already learned and what they will learn in the future.

E-Coaching makes coaching scalable.

Of the 4 benefits of live coaching, only the first one, conveying a knowledge base, takes a lot of time. The other 3 take human intuition and thought, but are relatively quick to deliver.

The Torque e-Coaching platform allows a single coach to provide motivation, prioritization, and perspective to hundreds of students, by eliminating the time spent actually teaching the core knowledge base.

Students are able to receive their coaching on their own schedule and at their own pace. And students' interest, experience, and previous knowledge can determine their learning path.

Coaches can consolidate all of the activities that require intuition and personality into an efficient coaching session, working their way through only those students' profiles that require human attention.

The results? Students feel heard and develop a real connection with their mentors. They get highly directed learning and at a pace that's right for them.

Coaches can handle hundreds of students while giving personal attention to each. And, if needed, specific cases can be seamlessly flagged for more direct intervention.

Designing an e-Coaching curriculum.

The key to creating an effective e-Coaching program is to create an experience that feels natural for the Internet. Instead of delivering 60 min e-Learning guided PowerPoint webinars, in the Torque e-Coaching Platform, curricula can be broken into the smallest possible learning experiences.

Then, each mini-activity can be grouped with other activities into Units, and Units can be grouped into Unit Lists. Ideally, each new skill is delivered in 3 parts:

1. An Activity to explain the concept.
2. Activities to help the student practice the new concept.
3. Activities that help the student integrate the new concept into their real life behaviors.

As users move through an e-Coaching program, they feel in control and experience a sense of steady progress.

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