The Torque e-Coaching Platform.

Online learning meets asynchronous e-Coaching.

E-Learning is scalable, but not personal. Live coaching is personal, but expensive to deliver.

The Torque e-Coaching Platform combines the best of both e-Learning and live coaching by combining elements of a Learning Management System (LMS) with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system). Students can learn at their own pace and develop a personal relationship with their human coach.

Coaches can efficiently monitor each of their students’ progress, review their completed worksheets, recommend new activities, and answer their questions. The coach curates a customized learning experience for each student, based on his unique situation.

Digestible activities.

When people go online to learn, they’re looking for information in short, powerful bites. At the same time, breaking hours of curriculum into hundreds of short activities could lead to an overwhelming user experience.

The Torque platform is designed to keep hundreds of mini-activities organized and to present them to the student in a personalized, simple, and clear path.

All media formats.

Activities can include everything from videos, podcasts, worksheets, PDFs, sms series, quizzes and surveys, auto call-in phone experiences, flash interactive media, etc.

Time well spent.

Using our tools, a single coach can give personal attention to hundreds of students. The vast majority of actual teaching happens independently through the online activities, leaving the coach's time to spend on delivering the personalized elements of the program that make the experience feel human and intimate.

On-demand access.

The asynchronous experience eliminates all scheduling problems and allows students to work at their own pace, on their own schedule. Students can do activities in the in between times in their day, like at the end of their lunch break or right before bed. Students can leave messages for their coach at anytime, and coaches can leave responses at their earliest convenience.

Personalized learning.

The coach can quickly personalize each student's "Coach Recommends" list by assigning sets of activities as units. They also have full flexibility to add or remove specific activities or units from any individual student's Recommended Activities list.

A human touch.

Student & coach develop a one-on-one personal dialogue, with the coach providing direct feedback on the student's work, answering questions, and reaching out periodically to motivate the student. When a coach sends her students a message, the student receives a “teaser” email notification that encourages him to login to the system and read his coach's messages.

Progress tracking.

Both the student and the coach can quickly see which activities the student has completed. Check marks give students an immediate sense of accomplishment.

Room to explore.

The platform can also optionally allow students to freely explore all of the content in the program at their leisure, to see if there is something that feels of particular interest that their coach has not yet assigned.

Smart filtering.

Coaches can efficiently review only student accounts that need attention while ignoring all of their other students. The system can be configured to collect any number of groups of students who share any set of characteristics which indicate they require attention (eg. they've left the coach a message, they've completed an activity, or they have not logged in for more than 2 weeks).

Case files.

Acting like a doctor's chart, our detailed Case Pages give coaches an instant reminder of who a student is and what work they've been doing. Having everything the coach needs to know about a specific student gathered in one place makes it quick and easy to give each student highly personalized attention.

Useful reporting.

Program administration can review and analyze aggregate user data.

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